Fall Beauty Preview: Can A Grown Woman Wear (MAC) Eye Glitter?

When it comes to glitter makeup, I can take it or leave it, preferably back in grade school. But all these famous chicks keep wearing crazy eye makeup (Drew Barrymore and Lily Allen spring to mind), and when I recently ran into makeup artist Regina Harris at photographer Marilyn Minter’s studio, I became mega-inspired. Harris was there celebrating Minter’s MAC collaboration and did the makeup for this shot (above) of model Cintia Dicker sporting thick, textured sparkle with not just a hint of Minter’s signature mix of, as Harris puts it, “glamour and deconstruction.” Before we digressed into art speak, I asked Harris what was really on my mind: “How can a grown woman ever pull off glitter in real life?” Luckily, Harris has a very cool, laid-back approach to beauty, which is refreshing in an industry where so many artists can be fastidious to a fault. “I don’t go by those kinds of rules. I wear glitter all the time,” she confessed. But the trick, she said, is to not take it too seriously. “I’ll just dip my finger in the pot and smudge it around a bit,” she demonstrated, patting the outer corners of her eyes. I helpfully suggested that maybe some cream shadow would help it stay on better, but she trumped me: “Have you ever tried to get glitter off? It’ll stay, believe me.” Next week, maybe we’ll tackle how to remove said glitter.

Look out for MAC’s new fall Pigments, Reflects Glitter and Glitter collections come August 20 at all MAC locations and at MACCosmetics.com.