A 77-Year-Old Gets A Sex Change

In the wake of Chasity Bono’s big decision to have gender reassignment surgery, a transgender center in Maryland says they are busier than ever. One client on their roster is Renee Ramsay, formerly Richard—a 77-year-old man becoming a woman. No Friskians, that was no typo: 77. But doctors say that although the sex-change surgery is a complex procedure, age is not typically an issue.

Renee’s story actually kind of tugs at my heartstrings. She used to be in the military, was married twice, and for a long time would cross-dress when off-duty because of the whole don’t-ask-don’t-tell thing. So why did Renee wait so dang long to get lady parts? Well … she never wanted to upset her wife, who passed away recently. And well … it ain’t cheap. Renee has been saving up for this moment almost her entire life. At 77, she’s finally happy and feels like herself. I guess it’s never too late to change … your gender. [CBS]