Woman Commits Crime Under The Influence Of Bikini

When you imagine a crime spree, you probably think of a beefy guy in a ski mask with maybe, I don’t know, a weapon? Well, in Mississippi last week, a 24-year-old woman carjacked another woman in her driveway, allowing the woman to remove her kid from the car first. Then, she tried to rob an RV dealership. She told the dealership employees that she was packing heat and told them to cough up the cash. But the employees didn’t believe her. Why? Probably because she was wearing a bikini during this entire venture. Where are you going to hide a gun when you’re wearing four triangles of clothing? [Yahoo! News]

Police think the woman was under the influence, but my bet is that the aggression was somehow related to the bikini. Maybe she went on the Special K diet and ate nothing but flakes all day for two weeks and the pressure to be thin pushed her over the edge? Or maybe she was on her way to a pool party and saw her boyfriend making out with a girl in the exact same swimsuit and needed cash to buy a new one?

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