The NY Times Is Late To The Style Party, Again!

Polyvore, an online version of Lucky magazine of sorts, but better, has finally found its way onto the New York Times’ radar, and we couldn’t be happier (even if it took almost a year!). For those not yet in the know, Polyvore was founded by three ex-Yahoo guys—and it’s been wildly successful in this, its first year, especially for fashion-obsessed types like us. The premise behind the site is that it’s a place where anyone can go, create an outfit (they call them “sets”), and click on any one part of the get-up to buy the piece, all the way down to makeup. You can also browse celeb sets and other user sets for inspiration, and again, there’s that whole instant gratification element for when you find a must-have item. Danger! Still, we can’t get enough. [NY Times]