Questionable Or Badass: Bones Of Leather Glove

Do bones of leather flock together? Just ask the folks from celebrated fashion blog, Kingdom of Style, who collaborated with a leather expert to dream up with these skeleton gloves. They were created as an affordable response to the slightly bizarre and insanely overpriced ($27,734!!!) Delfina Delettrex skeleton cuff/diamond bracelet that made the rounds on the fashion blogs earlier this month. Reinterpreting the ultra-luxe object in slightly more down-to-earth leather, Super Duper Things presented this anatomic-inspired hand accessory (what do you call this, anyhow? It seems like a whole new category!), that’s held together with gold rings at the wrists and knuckles. [Editor: It’s not for sale to the masses yet, but we’ll be keeping a look out…]

We certainly wouldn’t want to mess with the Amazonian princess wearing these numbers…then again, we’d kind of like to be her as well. What do you think? Would you rock these, uh, things? [Kingdom of Style]