Iranian Women Are Wed And Raped To Make Their Executions “Legal”

Warning: This story is not for the faint of heart. Under Iranian leader Ali Khamenei’s ruthless regime, Iranian women are being forcibly married and raped before they are executed because, according to Islamic religious law, it is illegal to execute women who are virgins. Oddly enough, this despicable regime actually cares about religious law? It seems to me that torturing and killing women is bad enough but, oh no. This crazy Iranian death squad thinks it’s OK as long as the gals have been deflowered first. So, the night before the execution women are forced to get married. They are then raped by their new “husband.” Many women allegedly fear their “wedding” night more than their execution and are given sleeping pills because they are so hysterical.

The man who came forward about this was a member of the Basiji militia, which is fiercely loyal to Ali Khamenei’s regime. He was arrested for being too lenient with the prisoners. Meaning, he let a 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl free. The source impressed his superiors at a young age, so he was given the authority to conduct “legal” weddings. He saw many horrible things, including one girl who scratched herself all over after she was raped.

In Iran females are considered responsible for their own actions at age 9 and males at 13. This is just another example of the hypocritical tangle that is Iranian politics. If women supposedly mature faster than men why are they subservient? Also, I cannot understand how a regime that commits such blatant atrocities against others uses such small details in Islamic law to justify their actions. It’s like leaders really think that although they have tortured, imprisoned, and raped women, no wrongdoing has been done because, at the time of their death, the victims were no longer virgins. [Jerusalem Post]

When will this end?