Apple Attempts To Bring Albums Back

Remeber those things, what were they called? Oh yeah! Albums. Back in the day, before we had iTunes, Limewire, YouTube and other internet-y things we actually had to physically buy disks containing music from a real, 3-D store! Well those days are over. But wait, Apple is saying, not so fast. In an attempt to save the floundering music industry, Apple is teaming up with the four largest record labels, EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group, to make full-lenth, interactive music albums. When this project is finished, instead of buying just one song, people will purchase a whole interactive album, complete with linear notes, video clips, pictures and lyrics sheets. This project, codename “Cocktail” is supposed to launch in September.

These peeps are trying to make buying music exciting again and I think it’s pretty cool. I remember getting super excited about buying the lastest CD, when I was younger. You got music, but also art and other cool stuff. It was kind of an experience, albeit a relatively expenseive one. []

Tell us what you think! Is this just Apple’s way of getting us to spend more or is it a totally sweet idea?

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