Antonio Sabato Jr. Needs Your Love

I may have to reconsider my position on taking the summer off from dating. It seems one of my teenage crushes is on the market and is looking to find love via a reality TV dating show on VHI. Antonio Sabato Jr., best known (to me especially) as the eternally hot bad boy “Jagger Cates” from “General Hospital” and a former Calvin Klein underwear model, “is seeking the most alluring, seductive and exotic single women to embark on the romantic adventure of a lifetime.” According to the casting notice, which I feel the need to quote from extensively, because it is that awesome:

His face and legendary physique have graced the covers of internationally acclaimed magazines, billboards and iconic advertisements.

His legions of female fans have lusted after him on some of the most recognizable soap operas.

From the pink sands of South Beach, to yachts of Capri, from the coast of San
Tropez to the isles of Ibiza, women everywhere have yearned for this standard of perfection.

He is…. ANTONIO SABATO JR…. and he needs your love.

In this heartfelt and romantic competition of love and seduction, one femme fatale will become the envy of all others and attain the love of Antonio Sabato Jr.

Oh hells yes. So what does it take to get a ticket aboard this seduction train? Well, you’ve gotta be gorgeous, refined, and glamorous, but also 21, and “young and vibrant” in your appearance, which I guess means no 27-year-olds with a case of old face. So, let’s hear it. Should I give up my summer sex-and-love sabbatical to potentially win the heart of Jagger, I mean, Antonio? [Reality Wanted]

While we’re at it, let’s experience Antonio’s awesome acting abilities. Can someone give this dude a job already?