Woman Offers Reward For Missing Christian Louboutin Heel

A woman in England is handing out fliers, questioning residents, putting up “lost” posters, and looking high and low in a desperate search for her precious missing…leopard print pump. That’s right, shoe-addict Louise Bawn lost one of her Christian Louboutin heels after a long night out and is so distraught that she launched an all-out hunt for her lost left shoe. She was gifted the heels by her husband and it was only the second time she wore them. So this psychotic Cinderella isn’t stopping at normal search methods. Come on, these are Louboutins! Bawn is also offering a reward for the person who returns the heel to her, since when she called Louboutin stores to see if they still make the shoe, she discovered that it has been discontinued. For now, Bawn’s right shoe sits cold and alone. The other one is probably sitting in the sewer, somewhere. At least now Bawn can up her home décor and use the right heel as a cool bookend? That way she’ll look fashionably creative and not like she belongs in the loony bin. [Daily Mail]

Would you scour the streets after losing designer footwear?