Shun, Shag, Or Marry? The Superhero Movie Edition

Because we’ll never run out of excuses to root for men in leotards, we’re excited for the slew of superhero movies that are currently in the works. Last week, we swooned when we heard that Ryan Reynolds had been cast as the Green Lantern, everyone’s favorite super hero test pilot. “Thor” is also gearing up for filming, Natalie Portman will be appearing in it alongside Chris Hemsworth—Kirk’s hot dad in “Star Trek.” And then there’s “Iron Man 2.” Robert Downey Jr. assures us that the new flick will be sex-soaked. “We’re horny,” he said. “Not, like, can’t-bring-your-kids horny. Just… horny.” [I’m Not Obsessed]

So which of these super heroes should we Shun, Shag, or Marry?SHUN: Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth
True story: Nordic warrior men are hot. However, Thor’s alter ego is a “partially disabled medical student,” which means he’s probably got some hefty student loans and will be out at all hours of the night between his residency and crime-fighting. Newcomer Chris Hemsworth will shoulder the role, and sure he’s adorable. But with those long winters, his character Thor is bound to be broody. And we’re not waiting until 2011 for sex that might end in us getting speared by his pointy helmet. [IMDB]

SHAG: Iron Man 2, aka Robert Downey Jr.
Just because Tony Stark is a notorious playboy doesn’t mean we are capable of resisting his inevitable advances. He’s a brilliant engineer who’s tough, loaded, and cocky. There’s even something sexy about the vulnerability of his self-made pacemaker. Sure, you’re up against Gwen for Robert Downey Jr.’s love, but isn’t that more motivation to steal a shag…especially now that he’s even hornier? [IMDB]

MARRY: The Green Lantern, aka Ryan Reynolds
There’s still plenty of mystery surrounding 2011’s “The Green Lantern,” but what we do know is that his alter ego Hal Jordan is a test pilot (hello, weekend getaways!) who’s given a magic green ring from an alien which gives him control over the physical world. He’s also the founding member of the Justice League of America. Gotta love a do-gooder with a steady job. And since Ryan Reynolds is taking on the role, there might be some alien abduction fantasies we’d like to get sorted out. [IMDB]