Shimmering Makeup Shades For Just A Dash Of Summer Sparkle

When it comes to summer beauty, it’s all about strategically playing up certain features that pop — and what better way to give your beauty look plenty of star power than with a touch of glitter? Now I know what you may be thinking: no, I’m not trying to make you channel Adam Lambert or force you to relive your preteen days experimenting with roll-on glitter gel and butterfly clips. Sure, shimmer isn’t exactly for the wallflowers, but when applied with a modest (and steady!) hand, it’s a bold beauty risk that pays off on any day of the week (not just on Halloween)! To avoid glimmer overload, stick to sparkling only one feature at a time — whether you opt for dazzling lips or shimmery cheekbones — and keep the rest of your face matte and minimal, for the most part. Over-doing the shine everywhere and anywhere may have you looking too much like a “Dancing With The Stars” contestant, even without the sequined salsa gown to tip you over the edge of what is considered wearable (and sane). Check the slideshow for some of my favorite glitzy products!