Pajamas That Won’t Send Him Running For the Hills

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Apparently it’s official: I wear the world’s least flattering pajamas. Or so said my mother on my last trip home — thanks Mom! Until her pronouncement and the accompanying wrinkle-nosed look of disgust, I hadn’t really considered the boner-shrinking qualities inherent to an ex-boyfriend’s athletic shorts and over-sized sweatshirts. But now that I’ve thought about it, it’s more or less ruined my relationship with the wildly comfortable athletic shorts with their missing draw string and amazing ability to add a solid ten pounds to my ass in a matter of seconds.

So while I feel like a traitor, out of consideration for my butt and my boyfriend, I’ve decided it’s time to try something a little less, well, disgusting looking every now and again. I have no plans to start wearing sheer night gowns or anything trimmed in marabou, but a wee bit of cuteness in the night time wardrobe might not be so bad. Care to join me?

This no-fuss nightgown is an easy way to start the transition. [$40, Gap]

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