Get Fat At Home—Recipes For Fast Food Favorites

Skip the drive to the Golden Arches. Tell the Colonel he can shove it. Yo quiero Taco Bell…at home. All you need to recreate many of your fast food orders in your own kitchen is the new book, “America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Delicious Recipes From Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants.” Yeah, seriously. KFC’s secret ingredient unveiled, after the jump!After bailing out of his job at JP Morgan, Ron Douglas made it his mission in life to work out a series of recipes that perfectly replicate the food served in our most recognizable fast food joints, and then to publish them for all to see, (and get cooking with). He provides How Tos on making whole meals and sides like Boston Market’s mac and cheese, Olive Garden’s chicken scampi, Cheesecake Factory’s oreo cheesecake and Applebee’s baby back ribs, but where he really gets serious is when he takes on KFC’s secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Hint: It includes a boatload of MSG, and an industrial fryer. Shocker!) Is that an angiogram I smell coming from the kitchen? Super gross or wish you thought of it? [Amazon]