A NY Times Wedding Announcement That Hits Close To Home

A little shout-out is in order to our own Wendy Atterberry, who married Andrew Condell on Friday. The twosome got an announcement written up in The New York Times today (which, um, also resulted in The Frisky’s first mention in the newspaper) and Times readers got a little insight into their love story. Of course, Frisky readers know it well. Wendy lived in Chicago, but a friend set her up on a date with a guy who lived in NYC. Things went so well that they started a long-distance relationship. Eventually, Wendy moved to NYC to be with Andrew, but planned on getting her own apartment. Instead … “We were so happy together, I never left.” They got engaged in February, and despite ominous weather reports and a last-minute flu, their wedding occurred under clear skies and without a hitch. Mazel Tov! [NY Times]

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