Manhattan Is The Country’s Thinnest City

A study came out this week proving what anyone who’s ever lived in The Big Apple probably already guessed: Manhattan is the nation’s thinnest city. The study looked at body-mass indexes of folks all across the country, and determined that New Yorkers tended to be the slimmest. Still, 42 percent of Manhattanites are overweight or obese—but that’s not bad when you compare it to the national average of 67 percent. So why all the skinny minnies in New York City? Because New York is a hub for many weight-conscious industries, like modeling, acting, and media production. Also, because almost no one owns a car, people end up walking everywhere. Oh, and maybe people are trying to become the physical equivalent of skyscrapers? [New York Times] So if New York is the thinnest, what’s the fattest city? Men’s Fitness Magazine recently published its annual report that reveals the answer, based on the availability of health-food stores, fast food restaurants, commute, exercise data, and a slew of other factors. This year, they announced that Miami is the fattest city where 61.5% of the residents are at risk for weight-related health problems. Miami also has nearly three times more fast-food restaurants than the average American city. And though there are more health clubs than average, Miamians are less likely to use their memberships. Party on the beach when the heat is on? [MensFitness]

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