Gallery: Jeffrey Donovan And Other Celebs Who Drive Under The Influence

dui donovan 072109 g jpg
Jeffrey Donovan, aka the hot guy from “Burn Notice” and “Changeling,” was arrested on July 12 in Miami after he failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. He drew the police’s attention after he swerved to avoid rear-ending a cop car. [MSNBC] — Innocent until proven guilty and all, but you have to be pretty toasted to almost hit a cop car.

Is it just us, or do famous people seem to get a whole lot of DUIs? So not cool. I mean, can’t they afford to call a taxi? Here is our DUI Hall of Shame. Since there’s so darn many incidents, we’ve just rounded up the craziest, in reverse chronological order.

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