Want To Smell Like Amy Winehouse?

Ummm, not sure if anyone’s in the market to smell like Amy Winehouse, but if so, you may be in luck. Rumor has it that a perfumer has offered the troubled star close to a million dollars to launch a 1950s-inspired fragrance. There’s no word yet on the name, but can we take a guess at what eau de Amy would smell like? Top notes of earthy substances, bottom notes of tobacco and middle whiffs of vodka and gin. After the jump, more celeb merch no one asked for!Winehouse isn’t the only celeb launching a new product. Fellow Brit Lily Allen is joining the party with a jewelry line named after herself. The range is targeted at Allen fans from 14 to 40, with designs inspired by animals and flowers (original!). Look for it in stores in September. Nature lover Alicia Silverstone is also getting in on the act with her own line of cosmetic products, makeup bags and brushes. She teamed up with Paris-based EcoTools to design cosmetic pouches and brushes made from non-toxic inks, organic materials and hemp. The line is pretty affordable — everything is under $20 — and will be sold at Walgreens and Target in December. Are we sick of celebs trying to sell us stuff yet? [Stylelist]