Transsexual Inmate Has A Beef With The System

Here’s a brainteaser: If someone is born a man, but becomes legally female aside one special male part, and then they kill someone, which prison should they be held in—male or female?

Well, according to a transsexual inmate in this specific situation, she says she should be hanging with the ladies. Currently held in a men’s prison in the UK, this inmate claims her human right to “respect of her private life,” as stated in European Law, is being violated by having to stay in a men’s facility. And she’s suing over it. Not only is the she-mate unable to wear skirts or make-up—she also says its a glaring violation of her human rights not to be able to have gender reassignment surgery. And she’s so close—she has hormonally grown breasts and has lasered off all the hair on her face and legs. But doctors have repeatedly denied her the final surgery because she must live as a female for a certain period of time before being eligible—something she cannot do being held in a men’s prison. [Daily Mail]Now, let’s back up a minute. This inmate is in prison for strangling her boyfriend and trying to rape a store employee. She has finished her minimum jail time, but is still deemed an “unacceptable risk to the public” by her parole board. So it doesn’t really seem like the system should be bending over backwards for her. But her lawyers say putting the inmate in the women’s prison would give her hope and allow her to be her true self, helping with her rehabilitation. The prison, on the other hand, says it would cost a ton to keep the inmate segregated in a women’s prison because female inmates will mostly not accept her. A judge is still deciding her fate.

So, what do you think? Should this inmate be moved to the women’s prison? Does she have the human right to lady-ness even though she’s taken a life?