Topshop And Other Stores That Sell Recycled Clothes We’d Actually Wear

Topshop is known for selling clothes that hit all the current trends, but the retailer will take a trip to the past at its flagship store in London this summer by selling vintage clothes and fabrics. Designed by young up-and-comers, the first reworked vintage collection is Sport Nouveau and includes ’70s sports shirts that have been transformed into tennis skirts and old dresses that have been made into jumpsuits. Yum!

The British retailer isn’t the first company to sell old clothes alongside new ones. Urban Outfitters has carried out a similar strategy with its Urban Renewal line since the ’80s, selling both vintage pieces and styles that have been created using vintage fabrics or by reworking items. Where to get the goods, after the jump…Other stores that sell both include Steven Alan, which has vintage shirts for men and adorable dead-stock (vintage that has never been worn) stud earrings, including these tiny brass hearts. Madewell, my favorite store for slouchy cardigans, has its own pop-up flea market with vintage clothes and accessories in the upstairs of its New York store.

But perhaps even cooler than stores selling hand-selected old clothes are designers who, like Topshop, are taking vintage pieces and tailoring them for today. [Ed Note: Sort of like Libertine does, but waaayy cheaper.] Preloved, a line from Canada that has been worn by Anne Hathaway, Daria Werbowy, and others, sells a darling skirt made from vintage suit jackets and a tube dress created by patching together striped button-down shirts. And Etsy sellers including Funky Lobes, alter ’80s cast-offs, usually by raising the hem and removing the shoulder pads.

Some people don’t like buying used clothes, especially when some of the styles look like what the ladies of “Designing Women” wore, but I love the idea of making old clothes new again. And wearing reworked vintage clothes is basically the easiest way to recycle and be all style-y at the same time.