Top 25 Items On Our Feminist Wish List

A feminist “wish list” on Bitch Magazine’s blog (via Daily Kos) caught our eye recently. These smarties used their noggins to figure out what feminists should focus on in the next couple decades, like not blaming the victim, ever, and supporting both stay-at-home moms and working moms.

They’ve inspired us to put together our own wish list of what would make us leap into the streets and do the happy dance. The top 25 items on our feminist wish list are after the jump. We can dream, can’t we?

  1. That men wouldn’t say “Hey, sexy” to us when we’re walking down the street. They can say hi to our faces, not to our asses.
  2. That “Stop being crazy” would stop being the go-to way of shutting up a woman during an argument.
  3. That Rihanna would be done with Chris Brown for realz.
  4. That men didn’t think periods were gross.
  5. That women earned $1.00 to the $1.00.
  6. That gay couples had all the rights that straight couples do.
  7. That people would stop asking what victims of sexual assault or other nasty crimes might have done to deserve it.
  8. That people realize if it’s not OK to say something sexist about Hillary Clinton, it’s not OK to say something sexist about Sarah Palin, either.
  9. That ladies with big, important jobs—like politicians and CEOs—weren’t judged by their looks more than their talent. (Actually, we wish that were true for women with all jobs.)
  10. That 100-lb 15-year-old white girls with no hips or boobs stopped being the standard of beauty according to most fashion rags.
  11. That lesbians weren’t so (hot hot hot XXX) fetishized.
  12. That we taught teens everything about safe sex so they would stop getting knocked up before they’re out of high school.
  13. That a 30-year-old unmarried woman without a boyfriend isn’t automatically considered to be “desperate.”
  14. That Perez Hilton stopped writing “slut” on women’s faces on his blog.
  15. That clothing companies made more clothes and accessories for plus-size women.
  16. That condoms, diaphragms, the Pill, RU-486 and other birth control were cheaper.
  17. That pop culture said black women, Asian women and Latino women are beautiful just the way they are.
  18. That transgendered and transsexual folks weren’t considered freaks.
  19. That “Are you on your period?” wouldn’t be a reasonable response to a woman being upset or angry about something
  20. That deadbeat dads who neglect their kids are taken to task and single moms don’t have to struggle so much.
  21. That parents stopped fretting about their daughters’ virginity more than their sons’.
  22. That people didn’t say “Can’t you take a joke?” when we say homophobia or rape isn’t funny. Yeah, we can take a joke. You’re just not funny.
  23. That obese people, especially women, weren’t considered lazy, stupid, slovenly or unfit to be the Surgeon General of the United States.
  24. That the Supreme Court, Congress, and hell, the White House, had more women in it.
  25. That getting a boob job wasn’t quite so popular.

What else would you add? Go ahead, think big!