“Rooster Booster” Swimsuit For Guys Prevents Shrinkage

We may complain that guys lead a comparatively easy life (they don’t get pregnant, they get to pee standing up), but they’ve got their fair share of body dilemmas to deal with also. Take, for example, the effect cold water has on their oh-so-sensitive nether regions. Thanks to the Rooster Booster swimsuit, however, men no longer have to worry. The crucial details, after the jump.

Available at Mrbusyballs.com (swear we’re not making that domain up), the swim trunks come equipped with a “unique patented cup device [that] enhances and shapes the groin region but additionally provides an extremely comfortable space for the groin. Importantly exiting the water, no adjustment is required to hide the embarrassment.” [“Importantly exiting the water!?” — Editor] Because we ladies were all so caught up giggling at whose penis became the smallest at the beach. The device also acts as a man’s version of a padded bra, as it creates, “the discrete illusion that you are packing a bit more than you actually have.”

At least it’s better than a dude in a Speedo, right? [Mrbusyballs.com via Inventorspot.com]