Rhode Island Lets Teenagers Be Strippers

When I was sixteen, most of my friends were working retail jobs at the mall while I answered phones and sorted mail as a receptionist after school. Great spending money, but admittedly a snoozefest. But a loophole in Rhode Island law allows 16-year-old girls a different kind of job opportunity. “Lucky” ladies in RI under the age of 18 are free to strip—as long as they stay indoors and are home by 11:30pm. Come on, they still have algebra to do! [CNN] This pedophilia-attracting loophole worries me. Why would this state allow girls who are barely able to drive to slide down greasy poles in front of old men, wearing nothing but clear plastic heels? Concerned residents—and shouldn’t they all be?!—are currently working on an indoor underage prostitution law to stop the stripping madness, but so far RI Senators, businesses and even the ACLU have allowed 16-year-olds the right to strip. Hey, even Matt Lauer draws the line at 16. WTF, Rhode Island?