How To Rock A Fake Bob Like Michelle Obama’s

Leave it to America’s favorite trendsetter, Michelle Obama, to remind us about versatility and resourcefulness. This week, the First Lady showed up to a White House event looking like she had lopped off her hair. Turns out, she didn’t cut an inch, but fooled everyone with a fake bob style. A wonderful way to mix things up for long-locked ladies, or to test-drive a short haircut, the ‘do is easy to achieve, and even looks good when it’s not perfect and a bit messy. Here’s how to do it.To get MoBama’s hair, her stylist Johnny Wright explained the trick, which can be worn two ways, as an “up-tuck” or a “tuck-up”:

The UP-TUCK is like you are tucking something in. Then I do a TUCK-UP. The UP-TUCK is when I position a small ponytail somewhere on the head, and then I tuck the rest of the hair up under that ponytail. Then a TUCK-UP is when I take the hair and gather it all in the back and I twist it and I pull up and tuck. And that is what she got last night! A TUCK UP!

You’ll need hairpins, and lots of them. Still, we’re inspired!

However, Michelle isn’t the only celeb to go Houdini-style with their hair. Check out our slideshow of stars who have rocked the faux bob—including Kim Kardashian, Marion Cotillard and Eva Longoria—and instructions for how to get it. [The Frisky]