Gallery: When Celebrities Attack!

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It was a classic case of she-said/she-said when Amy Winehouse headed to court today and plead not guilty to assaulting a fan named Sherene Flash, who was attempting to take a photo with the singer. Amy swears she had no idea what was happening and was terrified, hence pushing Flash away. “I was scared,” says Amy. “People are mad these days.” Flash tells a very different story. She says she asked Amy if she could get a photo with her, and that Amy—either drunk or high—socked her in the eye. [NY Times]

Whoever’s at fault here—haven’t people learned not to disturb celebs, especially the drug-addled variety? Apparently not, because there’s a slew of celebs who’ve been set off by photo-snappers and lashed out at them. Here are the best examples.

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