Gallery: K-Fed Gives Reality TV A Second Chance & Other Reality TV Double-Dippers.

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The future of reality TV just got a little more crappy. In an effort to pull himself out of the has-been bin, Kevin Federline is in talks to film another reality show about himself—this time replacing the part of Britney with his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince. But honestly it doesn’t matter who K-Fed’s co-star girlfriend is. Britney and Kevin’s 2005 reality train wreck “Chaotic” sucked the big one, and I doubt K-Fed Reality Round Two is going to be any better. He must flatter himself thinking people actually care so much they want to waste their time watching him try to rap. Oh and his little boys—Sean and Jayden will join daddy on the show. Holy exploitation! I hope these kids still have a chance to be normal. No official paperwork has been signed on this show, but I’m really curious to see what network will pick up K-Fed’s new show. And will he call it “Pathetic?” [NY Daily News]

K-Fed is just one of the C-list celebs whose back for more reality television. Here’s more reality TV double-dippers.

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