Holy Exploitative: An Erin Andrews Action Figure

Some people will stop at nothing to make a profit and HeroBuilders.com is no exception. This site specializes in making action figures of newsworthy folks like Sarah Palin, Jon Gosselin, and George Bush. But now that ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews has been catapulted into fame because some creep decided to film her naked in her hotel room, the site is going to immortalize her forever in colored plastic. She’s going to be made into two dolls, one will look all professional and the other is going to be rockin’ a red sundress. A red sundress? Ugh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a special-edition nude one, too. The dolls usually cost around $40 and look way more muscular than the people they’re supposed to represent, but as long as the site makes money who cares, right?

I do! This is so taking advantage of an unfortunate incident. Erin Andrews is a professional, albeit sexy, sportscaster who has spent most of her life reporting on sports. Now the only thing she’s going to be remembered for is some amateur nude video. Not to mention that now she’ll always be looking over her shoulder to make sure no one is watching and filming her.

Well, I’ve got news for you people, there’s a lot more to her than just a good body. This stupid action-figure website is making her even more of an object by creating, well, an object of her. It’s so insulting that women like Erin are ignored until they show a ton of skin. And in this case, it wasn’t even consensual. Gross.