“16 & Pregnant” Finale Shows What Life Is Like After Labor

Last night on the season finale of “16 & Pregnant,” Dr. Drew interviewed all six of the teens who gave birth in the show’s first season (it has been picked up for a second). Five out of the six girls ended up keeping their babies to raise, but it was the girl who gave her daughter up for adoption that had the biggest impact on viewers and Dr. Drew. Catelynn (along with her boyfriend/step-brother Tyler) showed an unbelievable amount of strength and maturity in making her decision to put little Carly up for adoption, emphasizing both before giving birth, after labor, and then again on the reunion that concentrating on what was best for Carly – not her own selfish desires – gave her the strength she need to see her decision through. Dr. Drew reunited the Catelynn and Tyler with Carly (who came with her lovely adoptive parents, who opted for a semi-open adoption) and it was a tearfest all around. I couldn’t help but feel like out of the six girls sitting on that stage, the grace and wisdom Catelynn displayed on the show indicated that she has a motherly instinct that is beyond her years. She and Tyler will make fantastic parents one day. In the web exclusive clip above, Catelynn and Tyler explain why they decided to put Carly up for adoption.