White-Collar Women Who’ve Ripped Off The System

Robin Katz is your average cute, 25-year-old girl who worked as an investment adviser at Chase Bank by day, and partied hard by night. But it looks like she might be spending some time on Rikers Island soon, after being accused of ganking $110,000 from a Manhattan millionaire’s private account. Robin bounced out of NYC in May, but not before she debited a bunch of cash from someone else’s account and blew it on clothes and booze. When peeps realized what happened, they told Katz to get her arse back to New York. She’s been on the lam ever since. [NY Post]

This sexy brunette certainly doesn’t look like your average thief. But she’s not alone. Check out these other women white-collar criminals.

  • In June, private school director and activist Marva Dennard, 69, plead guilty to stealing more than $150,000 from state voucher programs that were supposed to be helping low-income and disabled students. Of the whole ordeal, she said, “This has been wearing on me like you wouldn’t believe.” [TambaBay.com] — Hmm, somehow I just can’t muster any sympathy.
  • Of course, we can’t forget DIY diva Martha Stewart, who got jail time when she sold a bunch of ImClone Systems stock after getting a tip that the price was about to plunge. [CNN] — We bet she spent her time in jail cleaning and thinking of new ways to decorate for Christmas.
  • Several years ago, former Marriot director of finance, Shannon Harp, started stealing cash from three New Orleans hotels. Four years and nearly $2 million later, the law caught up with her. Harp could spend up to 20 years behind bars. [Nola.com] — Better late than never, I guess?
  • Amy M. Copeland, 39, managed accounts for some home and condominium associations in Florida. But by “managed” we actually mean she debited about $100,000 from these organizations and put the moolah straight into her own bank account. [NaplesNews.com] — Yeah, that’s not the same thing.
  • Susan Best, who worked for a Medical Group, made about $400 each day, off the books. How? She stole it! It took half a mil and five years of illicit activity before somebody at the office became suspicious. [Local12.com] — Way to go, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sheryl Lynn Law got in trouble with the law (heh) when she embezzled over $1 million from the Mercedes dealership she worked for. She and her sister-in-law, Jessica Louise Newark, ran this illegal family “business” for about seven years before they got busted. [OCRegister.com] — Hey, at least they were keepin’ it in the family.
  • The chief financial officer at a cabinetry business in California, Annette Yeomans, 51, was booked for grand theft and embezzlement in April. She stole about $10 million and put it to good use, buying 400 pairs of shoes and 160 purses. Obvs, she needed a place to put all her crap, so she turned one of the bedrooms in her house into a giant closet, complete with a chandelier and a 32-inch TV. [California-Law.org] — Is it bad that I’m just a little jealous?