Topless Sunbathing Out In France, We Help Them Cover Up With Lovely Swimwear

seafolly 072309 jpg
[$69, Seafolly, Figleaves]

Horny boys all across the U.S. can now cross France off their list of places to visit because topless sunbathing is no longer legal there. (I’ll give you a moment to shed one slow tear here, gentlemen, before pointing out that most of the topless biddies I saw while there were of the older, not-so-sprightly variety.) While we sympathize with our French sistren (like brethren, but sisters), our grief is not so great that we haven’t the energy to help them through this difficult time. So, in the spirit of world peace and doing good deeds for our across-the-ocean neighbors, here are a few options for covering up your goodies on the beaches of France. (And, don’t worry, we’ll keep them extra small so the switch isn’t too much of a shock.) [The Cut]

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