Survey Says Men Are Romantic And Cook At Home — Huh?

The results from’s second annual Great Male Survey are in, with more than 50,000 men between 18 and 34 weighing in on sex, dating, politics, and more. Some of the results surprised us since they go against what we’ve encountered among the men in our lives. After the jump, the most startling (and obvious) results. THE SURPRISING RESULTS:

  • 40 percent believe that they should pay for the majority of dates at least until a relationship is established, and 30 percent believe they should pay for dates for as long as the relationship lasts
  • 83 percent said they would be in a relationship with a woman with a higher income than them
  • 55 percent said they make an effort to be romantic “somewhat often,” and another 26 percent said they make an effort “very often”
  • 47 percent said they have never lied about the number of sex partners they’ve had
  • 75 percent believe in marriage and want to get married
  • 60 percent said they’d take a male birth control pill if it were available
  • 84 percent cook at home
  • 65 percent wouldn’t change their partner’s breast size if they could


  • 52 percent said that good, regular sex is essential to a relationship’s survival
  • 56 percent would make their penis bigger if they could
  • 59 percent said they were somewhat uncomfortable with having a doctor examine their genitals
  • 61 percent haven’t had a threesome but would like to
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