Study To Get To The Bottom Of Glass And Lesbian Drinking Habits

The University of Illinois College of Nursing just got three million dollars from the federal government to set the record straight about dykes and drinking. “Myths and stereotypes of lesbians as alcoholics and heavy drinkers are largely based on studies conducted in the 1970s that recruited most of their samples from gay bars,” Prof. Tonda Hughes said. She maintains the real drinking problem has nothing to do with being gay, but is encouraged by the usual social factors like sexual abuse and discrimination. So, back in 1999, she interviewed nearly 400 ladies who love to love ladies about their happy hour habits. Since, she’s been following up with them to check in on their boozin’. Now, as she preps to start the third round of her study, she hit the jackpot! With a few extra million dollars, Prof. Hughes will draw another 150 gals who are either Latino or African-American. “Our research is designed to provide a much more realistic picture of the patterns and variability of lesbians’ drinking,” Hughes promises. No matter the results, it’s a good thing someone out there is trying to prove that those Girls Gone Wild style lezzy profile pics aren’t the norm. [WBBM]