Quickies!: Angelina Jolie Makes A Visit To Baghdad

  • Angelina Jolie went to Iraq today for a day trip, visiting displaced families in Baghdad. [CNN] — Angie hoped her trip would bring attention to the issues facing displaced Iraqi families.
  • Kendra Wilkinson has been working on a memoir that will hit stores next summer. The book will focus on Wilkinson’s childhood, Playboy years, and newlywed life. [Us Weekly] — Because what else would she have to discuss?
  • Some Japanese men are starting a new dating trend: 2-D relationships. These dudes say they’ve fallen in love with their video game avatars, and some carry around picture or doll versions of the animated ladies to keep them company. [Jezebel] — While this form of dating is a great way to avoid rejection, it’s also weird and pathetic.

  • With gas prices soaring again, one scientist at Ohio University is looking for other alternatives to fuel cars. What has he come up with? Urine, of course! [Wired] — Soon, you might not have to “hold it” when you’re on the road. Instead, you can empty your bladder into your gas tank!
  • We all love hot guys, but when the hotties have brains, we love ‘em even more. Here are some attractive dudes that have great looks and great IQs. [College Candy]
  • If you’re one of those people who love to look at (and often play with) their food, you’re in luck. The Parisian shop Fauchon has come out with specialty eclairs that look as awesome as they taste. [Urlesque] — I may or may not be having a foodgasm right now!