Patti Stanger Is Engaged. Here’s Why We’re So Happy For Her.

Patti Stanger, aka Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” is finally engaged! After five years of dating her real-estate executive boyfriend, Andy Friedman, he finally proposed to her while on vacation in Maui for her 48th birthday. Surprisingly, the third generation matchmaker, with a self-proclaimed 99 percent success rate, met Friedman––click here to see a picture of him––through another matchmaker! Stanger and Friedman haven’t yet set the date, but in the meantime, Stanger will be rocking a four-carat diamond engagement ring. She told Us Weekly, “I have a rule, if you go out a year and he doesn’t propose, it goes up a carat a year.”

To celebrate Stanger’s much deserved happily-ever-after, here’s why I love Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger:

  • Patti gives amazing advice even for those who aren’t millionaires, with gems like “absolutely no sex until you are in a committed relationship.”
  • The woman waited nearly six years to get married and proved, once and for all, that true loves waits.
  • She calls penises “pickers” to acknowledge that the male organ generally chooses an inappropriate date. Then, after repeatedly making men feel uncomfortable by calling their junk a “picker” she teaches them the value of using their brain––a much more sensible organ for choosing.
  • Besides matchmaking, she’s also a love doctor and diagnoses her millionaire patients with every thing from “Divorced-Dad-Itus” to “Narcississtic Personality Disorder (NPD).”
  • She’s an “ageism” activist! Constantly fighting for the love of older women who men try to ward off, Stanger teaches single men that it’s OK to date women close to their own age.
  • Patti doesn’t discriminate when it comes to hiring. Destin and Rachel––quite the peculiar-looking pair––make up two-thirds of her entire office.
  • Stanger has the confidence and moral fiber to tell her clients when they need a serious makeover. Don’t you wish your job required you to tell ugly people when they could use a fix-me-up?
  • This matchmaker follows her own rules. From sexy mini-dresses to high heels to perfectly straightened hair, the woman always looks presentable and put-together.
  • She authenticates her matchmaking by throwing in Yiddish words here and there. Gotta love her chutzpah!