Georgia Jagger Controversy: Should Teens Ever Appear Topless In Ads?

Agency Spy is taking issue with Hudson Jeans’s latest ad campaign, featuring 17-year-old Georgia Jagger, daughter of rock god Mick and supermodel Jerry Hall. Appearing topless (minus nipple action, however), the teenager models the jeans as she lounges in a seductive position. Agency Spy denounces the photo because young girls “are off limits when it comes to sexual references in advertising. This kind of work perpetuates the notion that children and sex somehow fit into the same category, which they clearly do not.”Agreed with the latter, yet to say that underage females are off limits in sexualized advertising is untrue. Should be off limits, yes. Clearly, this is not a happy reflection on the way American marketing operates, but in practice, consumerism has long profited from the blatant exploitation of young women. Particularly in the fashion world, teenaged models (some as young as 12!) constitute a sizable portion of the industry, routinely appearing in “risqué” campaigns that expose their bodies, or characterize them as dark, highly sexual beings. This is not to say that the trend is morally correct, but it exists regardless.

Is it simply because Georgia is the daughter of a celebrity that this advertisement is being called out? Do you think people should shut up about this campaign? Or that nudity for underage models should start to be regulated, period? [Agency Spy]