Job Interviews Gone Awry

Today, posted an article called “43 Weird Things Said in Job Interviews.” I couldn’t believe some of the items on the list. One person answered the question, “Why did you leave your last job?” with the response, “I have a problem with authority.” And when asked if he/she had any questions, another person asked, “If I get an offer, how long do I have before I have to take the drug test?” Since all of the interviews I’ve gone on have been pretty straight-forward, I asked my friends if they’ve ever had any job interview mishaps. Below are their surprising responses.

Once, I interviewed for a job as a dominatrix. I thought I would make exorbitant amounts of money for kicking guys in the balls—I wasn’t really aware that I would also have to tease old guys with dildos. Anyway, I walked into this sketchy building and there was one room filled entirely with different kinds of rope, which creeped me out. I sat nervously in the waiting area and a guy walked in and started to interview me. Midway through the interview, some guy in one of the rooms started screaming his head off in pain—or ecstasy? The guy who was interviewing me stopped and very quietly said, “Ahhh, the sound of money being made.” I left and never went back.

I was interviewing for a marketing position and the guy interviewing me made me do breathing exercises. He then explained that the job gets stressful and it’s necessary to do the exercises to stay calm.

I went on a job interview once and when I asked the interviewer if she wanted a list of references, she said, “No, who am I going to call, your grandma? [Makes a grandma-voice] ‘She’s such a nice girl!'” I was, like, “Ummm, okay.”

One time I was interviewing to work at a hospital and they asked me if I have had tuberculosis. So I responded, “Yes, I get that all the time.” They looked at me like I was crazy. Then I realized they asked about tuberculosis, not bronchitis.

Fresh out of college, I was interviewing for my dream job at a magazine. The first phase of the interview was meeting with a recruiter in Human Resources. That went well, and the HR woman said, “I think you’re a great candidate. I’m going to bring you to meet the editor-in-chief.” She walked me into the editor-in-chief’s office and the recruiter stuck out her hand. In retrospect, she was trying to shake my hand goodbye. But for some unknown reason, I gave her a big hug. The look on her face let me know it was so inappropriate. I mean, who hugs on a job interview? Luckily, the editor-in-chief didn’t think I was a total weirdo and gave me the job anyway.

What’s your craziest job interview moment?