Hey Guys! Need Dating Tips? Learn The Wing Girl Method!

Some ideas are better left for bad romantic comedies. I seriously laughed out loud when I stumbled upon WingGirlMethod.com. At first I thought it was one of those genius “ironically comic” websites, but to my horror it was not. The mission of the “Wing Girls,” so eloquently stated on their website, is to “become your female friend and give you that female perspective you have been missing. Our mission is to help the great men of the world gain the skills and the tools needed to increase their options to attract and to keep the women that they want. Become our friend and learn secrets only a woman would know about women.” They offer personal coaching sessions, seminars (like an upcoming one, “Avoiding the Friend Zone”), videos, and even a blog on picking up the ladies. In other words, they’re total traitors.Um … this seems wrong on so many levels. For starters, the idea of hiring a girl to be your “friend” seems shady off the bat. Exchange of money for “friendship?” This concept has gotten many men in trouble. I may not know very much about men, but this I do know: the only reason a guy would hire a cute, young “Wing Girl” is because he thinks there may be a chance to “hit that.” I may be stating the obvious, but what the heck do these “Wing Girls” know about me or what I want? What kind of stupid women’s magazine-type tips are they sharing? Things as prolific as their tip of the month, “Ever Heard of the Help Me Eyes?” Their “experts” (what kind of training do they receive before becoming a certified “Wing Girl?”) explain this as the look women give when they want to get out of a dating situation pronto. There’s even a video demonstration in case you need a visual. Hey Wing Dings—if I want out of a whack dating situation, I will excuse myself, no helpless “help me eyes” necessary.

Guys, if you want better luck dating—just be yourself, be kind, be honest, be open, be willing and everything else will work itself out in the wash. But seriously, this “Wing Girl” crap would make a really stupid romantic comedy. I will look out for it on DVD. Maybe Katherine Heigl will star in it as the good-looking “Wing Girl” who finds love while trying to coach one special, clueless dude. How sweet.