Fall Beauty Preview: Dior’s “New (Vintage) Look”

Ever since Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday, the icon has been appearing everywhere from news shows to Hollywood to basically every single international edition of Vogue to name a few venues, and fashion runways across the world have been no exception. We even caught a glimpse of her at Dior’s couture show, in a way. How to get the look, after the jump!As is her custom, makeup artist Pat McGrath created a number of amazing looks for the show, but we were especially obsessed with this version for two reasons: A) It’s reminiscent of the faces of those fierce vintage Barbies our aunts used to let us play with on special occasions, (that’s also before Barbie switched to an all pastel/pink palette, yuck!); and B) We would totally rock a toned-down version of this in real life. Dior’s new for fall shades 1-Colour Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Crystal White #006 and Rouge Dior Lipstick in Red Icon don’t launch until September, but in the meantime, you can practice your cat eye swoosh with their Style Liner in Noir Black, (get it here). Steady now.