Face Off: The “Project Runway All-Star Challenge”

You asked, and now the “Project Runway” gods have blessed you with an all-stars challenge featuring contestants from previous seasons vying for a $100,000 prize. Executive producer Jane Cha says the two-hour, one-off episode will be a bridge to the show’s new home on Lifetime — the first episode of “Project Runway” season six will air on the same night, Aug. 20. And the eight contestants are actually talented all-stars, not people who were only good for TV. Let’s take a closer look, after the jump!Korto Momolu (season five), whose jewelry line we love, is back for round two, and I predict the prize won’t be stolen from her this time around. The only previous winner is Jeffrey Sebelia (season 3), who you might remember became the “villain” when he made another contestant’s mom cry. Then there’s Chris March (season four), who has a lovable personality, but whose designs are more fit for the stage than a runway. I’m curious to see whether Mychael Knight’s (season three) designs are still cheap-looking, instead of being “powerfully sexy,” as he describes them. The other contestants are one-note dressmaker Uli Herzner (season three), Tim Gunn impersonator Santino Rice (season two), slow poke Sweet P (season four), and too-safe Daniel Vosovic (season two). The contestants have put in a week’s worth of work to create a few looks, but not a whole collection. Um, I might be wrong, but don’t the regular “PR” winners get $100,000 for a complete season? It seems kind of unfair for an all-star to win that amount for a week of work, but I’m nonetheless excited about the all-star challenge. (Although, I doubt I’ll stick around for season six of “PR”!) Will you?