Erin Andrews May Have “Encouraged” The Peeping Tom By Dressing Sexy, Says Female Sports Columnist

A USA Today sports columnist—a female one at that!—told a sports radio program that because ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews is beautiful and wears sexy clothing, she may have been “encouraging” the Peeping Tom who filmed her naked in a hotel room. Christine Brennan, you should be ashamed of yourself for what you said on 850 The Buzz:

“If you trade off your sex appeal, if you trade off your looks, eventually you’re going to lose those. She doesn’t deserve what happened to her, but part of the shtick, seems to me, is being a little bit out there in a way that then you are encouraging the complete nutcase to drill a hole in a room. Erin did not deserve this. I want to make that crystal clear. But she’s got to be smarter and better.”

Oh, if only Andrews didn’t dress like such a slut on TV, men would be able to control themselves from recording her walking around her hotel room naked through peepholes! Or, maybe Andrews could be “smarter and better” — if only she wouldn’t walk around naked when she assumes she’s alone. I mean, really. [ABC News]