Ed Westwick Needs Our Help!

Oh, no! Is Ed Westwick in trouble? It looks like Chuck Bass could use a good friend right now.

First, his “Gossip Girl” co-star Chace Crawford moved out of the NYC apartment they shared to a place of his own. (It was a lot of heartthrob under one roof.) Then Chace dissed Ed by allegedly not inviting him to his 24th birthday. Cold, Chace. Cold.But it gets worse! The gossip rags are reporting that he and his girlfriend (and other co-star) Jessica Szohr are on the outs. Szohr hosted an event at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut this weekend, and Ed supposedly didn’t show up because “they were fighting,” says “Page Six.” This could mean nothing … or it could mean Ed’s ready to make that big, empty apartment Chace just vacated worthy of the term “bachelor pad.”

Why are all your friends ditching you, Ed? What’s happening? Something going on? There, there. Just snuggle into my arms and tell me all about it …