Don’t Eff With A (Male) Beauty Pageant Contestant Scorned

Just when that whole Carrie-fake-boob-I-dislike-gays chatter has died down, there’s new (disturbing) news out of pageant land: Two men are being charged with kicking the crap out of a gay beauty pageant judge. Beyond-just-pissed that he didn’t win the pageant, contestant Leroy Tinch, 28, of Evanston, Illinois, allegedly sought revenge with his buddy Anthony Johnson, 23, on the one judge of the panel that voted against him for the win. And it gets worse.
Clearly unenthused by his loser status and looking to really “send a message” (and automatically get pinched), Leroy and his sidekick used a trophy to pummel judge Sebastian Latta, 37—and shatter his jaw in three places. Oh, and there’s one more small, but not-to-be-missed detail: Trophy-wielding Leroy dresses in drag, has breast implants and a string of paw print tats that run along his chest. (I’m thinking there’s not much inner beauty going on with this guy, either.) I smell fodder for next season’s Law & Order writers! [MSNBC]