Do Not Put That In Your Butt

A deeply inebriated Romanian man put two hammerheads up his butt to alleviate a case of constipation. Guess what? It didn’t work. In this helpful x-ray, one can see that Viorel Firoiu’s attempt to play home medic wasn’t meant to be in a good way, and he appeared at a hospital in Orlea, Romania, complaining of stomach pains. According to Firoiu’s story, he ate some cherries, got to feeling blocked, had a few drinks to make himself feel better, and then came up with the brilliant idea that the whole problem could be solved with a pair of hammers. (NB: Do not try this at home.) Supposedly, he tried rectifying (heh) the rectal matter with one hammerhead. It got stuck. So, he tried another. And the rest? Well, now it’s tabloid fodder. Surgeons removed the offending articles. If you want to learn more about strange things people have stuck up their bums over the years, go here. [The Sun via Gorilla Mask]

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