Bill O’Reilly Shows Clip Of Erin Andrews Nude Video On His Show

The drama of Erin Andrews, the ESPN sports reporter filmed naked in a hotel room by a Peeping Tom, just keeps getting sicker. Gawker snagged a clip of Bill O’Reilly actually showing part of the nude video of Andrews on “The O’Reilly Factor” last night. They blurred out Andrews’ private parts, but still. Don’t harangue about how depraved and disturbing the Peeping Tom (who may have been a co-worker of Andrews’) and then show the clip yourself. It’s called hypocrisy.
All this was kosher for them, though, because a different show, “Fox & Friends,” had already shown stills from the video several times, according to the watchdog group, Media Matters. And unfortunately, Fox News isn’t the only media outlet to further humiliate Andrews by putting her naked pics up. The New York Post published a still from the video on July 22, prompting ESPN to boot out Post reporters from their shows and radio programs. The CBS “Early Show” also showed a clip on July 21.

Doesn’t anyone realize this video was filmed through a peephole without her knowledge and that’s really pervy? And how can people who watch it not feel like they’re victimizing Erin Andrews all over again? [Gawker]