The Worst Library Books Ever

Two librarians from Michigan, Mary and Holly, have given us yet another website to make Tuesday mornings at the office completely unproductive. Their blog, Awful Library Books, documents the ridiculous books that you find year after year in the $1 bin at your local library’s annual book sale. I laughed hysterically when I saw a hardcover with the title More Great Pantyhose Crafts. The most ridiculous part, aside from the fact that you can make a full-sized hammock from stockings, is that the word “more” is in the title, which implies that there was a volume preceding this one. If you’re into crafts, but your IQ isn’t exactly up to par, why not try Crafts for Retarded? This one is for parents with kids who have “come into the world with less potential than the so-called ‘average’ child.” They’ll even teach you how to make a drum with a giant swastika painted on the side!

Speaking of handicapped, everyone should have a copy of Clothes for Disabled People. I especially like that the author added the qualifier “people,” in case it wasn’t clear.

Oh yeah, and every uber-feminist should snag Moving Through Pregnancy, which teaches women how to vacuum while preggers AND maintain great posture. What could be better? [Awful Library Books]

What’s the most ridiculous book you’ve seen or read?

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