The Naked Cowboy Is Running For Mayor Of New York City

Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night can keep “Naked Cowboy” Robert Burck from strumming his guitar in his undies to entertain tourists in New York City. And now the Cowboy wants to show his true devotion to Manhattan—he’s running for mayor. For those of you who have not stood next to the Cowboy’s toned tush, he is a Times Square staple, clad only in tighty-whities, a cowboy hat, and boots. He plays guitar and sings while tourists snap pictures with him. He plans to officially announce his bid for mayor today, and already has plans for raising revenues and tax breaks. His campaign promise is to do “more with less” for NY residents. No problem keeping his promise either—that yummy briefs/boots uniform says it all! [Huffington Post]

Checking off “The Naked Cowboy” on a ballot may seem a bit odd, but we have yet to see what he’s got up his … hat? Hopefully, Robert will fare better than these oddball candidates who failed in their political quests.

  • The man who inspired the character of Jerry Seinfeld’s spastic friend, Cosmo Kramer, wanted to inspire the voters of NY to elect him. Kenny Kramer represented the Libertarian party in the race for New York mayor back in 2001. The fact that Kramer inspired the TV weirdo was probably enough to keep voters away. [ABC News]
  • We’ve seen how well sex and politics mix, so why not porn and politics? Famed porn star Mary Carey, aka Mary Ellen Cook, faced off with the Terminator himself in the race for California governor back in 2003. Somehow I don’t think Mary’s bio on the governor’s website would read too credibly. [World Net Daily]
  • Gary Coleman took a “different stroke” in 2003 shifting from acting to politics when he joined the circus of a race for California governor. Coleman decided to duck out in the end, when he realized he was up against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, and a porn star. [CNN]
  • While I don’t mind saying the Naked Cowboy is my mayor, I wouldn’t like referring to the President as “Lobsterman.” Thankfully everybody saw Jeff “Lobsterman” Costa’s 2008 Presidential bid a joke … just like his profession. Besides, lobster claws and a red leotard are not proper attire for a press conference. [Lobsterman Costa]

Would you vote for the Naked Cowboy?