10 Reasons Why We Are So Ready For Alicia Silverstone’s Comeback

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen “Clueless.” I always adored Cher Horowitz’s valley girl awesomeness. And don’t even get me started on her computerized revolving closet. Obviously, I was elated to hear that Alicia Silverstone is back, at least on Broadway. The ’90s It girl is leaving her pink boa and Beverly Hills behind and hitting the stage in New York City, to play an editor’s girlfriend in the play “Time Stands Still.” I am so hoping that this is the beginning of her comeback. Let me count the reasons why. [The Huffington Post]

  1. Yeah it was the ’90s, but quoting Alicia’s Valley-girl vocab of “whateveeeer” and “as if” made you the coolest kid on the playground. Duh!
  2. Alicia fights for gay rights. She and other celebs recently took on opposition to gay marriage in a hilarious video for Funny or Die. Watch it below.
  3. Alicia likes animals! The actress filmed the first-ever naked PSA for PETA, promoting the benefits of her vegan lifestyle. Number one benefit: That you look good naked.
  4. She knows how to rock out. Alicia was the female lead in three—count ‘em, three—Aerosmith videos.
  5. Alicia is a love convert. The actress used to call marriage a “cult,” but was swept up in love with now-husband Christopher Jarecki. Now “marriage” is a word she has been surprised to learn she loves saying. [Ask Men]
  6. She never truly left her girly side. Alicia juggled law and love, playing marriage attorney/matchmaker in NBC’s hit show “Miss Match” back in 2003. We loved it, even though it got canceled. [IMDb]
  7. The girl likes to eat! Unlike other paper-thin vegans out there, Alicia revealed one of her favorite hobbies is cooking and going to the farmer’s market. [Ask Men]
  8. She can rock a skin-tight leotard, kicking ass and taking names as Batgirl in the “Batman and Robin” movie. It’s probably all those veggies.
  9. Alicia gets down and dirty—she’s big into gardening.
  10. And she’s a great role model. Besides all the amazing life lessons she gave in “Clueless,” Alicia never fell victim to the Hollywood starlet rehab-drug-alcohol-abusing-loser curse. In other words, she never pulled a LiLo.

Even though her Broadway debut in “The Graduate” received less than perfect reviews, we know the talented Silverstone will make us proud when “Time Stands Still” begins in 2010.

And before we forget, here’s that Funny or Die video.