Superman’s S&M Fetish

While Clark Kent was changing into his Superman cape and adventuring around saving people, he had a second alter ego who was really into whips and chains. While the Superman comics sold like hotcakes, a second comic book was making the rounds called Nights of Horror. These books featured Superman and Lois Lane getting down and dirty. Joe Shuster, one half of the team who created Superman in the 1930s, lost the copyright to the characters and was receiving practically no money for his hit cartoon. He was super strapped for cash, so he started anonymously freelancing for the mob and took up illustrating these racy comics. Nights of Horror comics were sold under the counter at Times Square bookstores during the early 1950s.

Oh, it gets seedier. In 1954, a neo-Nazi Jewish teen group known called the Brooklyn Thrill Killers went on a murder spree, and many blamed Nights of Horror for being their inspiration. The magazine was deemed so inappropriate that the U.S. Supreme Court banned it.For years, Nights of Horror was unrecognized as the work of Joe Shuster. But recently, a book called “Secret Identity: The Fetish Art Of Superman’s Co-Creator” was published, exposing that Shuster was behind the naughty cartoon characters who look identical to Superman and Lois Lane. Now Nights of Horror will be getting some serious screen time. This book has been optioned and a film may soon be in the works about this whole story — from Shuster’s moonlighting to the gang of teens inspired by his mischievous comics. [Comic Alliance]