Star Couplings: Eddie Cibriani’s Wife Has Left Him

  • Eddie Cibriani’s wife has left him, saying that he and LeAnn Rimes deserve each other. [Us Weekly] — So maybe those photos weren’t leaked as a publicity stunt for LeAnn and Eddie’s made-for-TV movie.
  • Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are back to fighting. This time, Lindz was upset because Sam was hanging with Drea De Matteo, and as a result, Sam threw Lindsay’s stuff in the street again. [Dlisted] — All’s right with the world again.
  • Hailey Glassman says she caught feelings for Jon Gosselin, a longtime family friend, when he was nursing his broken heart at her parents’ NYC home. [People] — I’m sure the promise of 15 minutes of fame helped her feelings along.

  • Kristen Stewart is reportedly ready to win back Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con, which starts July 23 in San Diego. [OK! Magazine] — I’m still confused about whether these two were ever a couple.
  • Ryan O’Neal told “Today” yesterday that he sees and writes to Farrah Fawcett everyday in his journal. [E! Online]
  • A family friend says Jessica Simpson is “a little depressed” over the break up with Tony Romo. [PopEater] — What about her failed music career? Shouldn’t she be a little depressed about that?