South Korea Parliament Turns Into WWF Match

Shattered glass, broken furniture, biting, shoving, beating, jumping and throwing blunt objects — just another day in Parliament in South Korea. Yesterday, a female lawmaker was rushed to the hospital with injuries after an ordinary session turned into an episode of “UFC Ultimate Fighting.” The rampage began when members of the majority party, the Grand National Party, tried to enter the building to vote on a bill loosening restrictions on media ownership of TV networks. Men and women from the opposing parties began stacking up furniture to block the ruling members from entering the National Assembly. When that didn’t work, they took to clawing each other’s eyes out. Peeps who opposed the bill attacked anyone trying to approach the podium by throwing heavy objects and even body-slamming them.
While watching politicians fight like rabid gorillas is scary enough once, apparently full-fledged melees like this occur often in the South Korea National Assembly. I’ve heard of political differences, but come on! There must be a better way to figure things out. Like, maybe, talking? But I have to admit, if American Congressmen acted like this whenever they disagreed maybe more people would watch CSPAN. [Daily Mail]