Really? Nose Rings Are Back In Style?

There was a very special decade called the ’90s when body piercings really meant something to angsty teens struggling to take a stand and establish themselves as edgy, independent, and most of all “unique” individuals. Nose rings were an especially popular way to show the world that you were a totally badass Adult-with-a-capital-A, yet didn’t trust anyone over the age of say, 24. Those teenagers grew up and got Real Jobs and eventually ditched the ironworks, which is why we caught a wave of nostalgia when we spotted supermodel Iris Strubegger rocking a rather major septum piercing in this month’s (what else?) French Vogue. Our friends over at Fashionista also noticed that Tasha Tilberg was featured in her signature nose ring over at i-D last month, and we have to wonder if we’ll see this look come back on the scene big-time. (For the record, we seem to remember Miley Cyrus showing off a new nose piercing last month. Can we trace this trend back to her? Nah, doubt it.) In related news, Massachusetts lawmakers must be voracious French Vogue readers, as they are presently scrambling to regulate piercing parlors so they’re more hygienic. Clearly, they’re anticipating this as a big fall trend as well.

Personally, I’m torn. I’ve never had a problem with the look (and even sported a few piercings of my own back in the day), but I hate the look of that random hole in your nose when you take it out. I can also never get this dad joke out of my head: In high school, every single time my friend with a big nose ring came over he would be all like, “Must be kinda messy when you have a cold!” Har, har. I just can’t go back. But that’s just me. Think you’re in the market for a little erm, nose candy? [Fashionista]